This program helps you gain a basic understanding of how stress impacts your life and put simple, practical, easy-to-use measures in place to change your response to stress

I find that my clients do their best work when they are able to have ongoing support over a series of sessions.

We begin with a comprehensive foundation package to examine your individual stress warning signs, and help you focus on what you want most from our work together.

Then we meet  via Skype (or in your home if geographically possible) for a 90-minute  foundation session to design our partnership, lay the groundwork, examine where you’re at and where you’d like to go, and begin the process of redefining your relationship with stress.

After this foundation session, we schedule one-to-one sessions every week for 4 consecutive weeks.

What’s included:

  • One comprehensive foundation package
  • One 90-minute foundation session
  • Four 60-minute individual sessions (1 session a week for 4 consecutive weeks)
  • Email support between sessions
  • Five sessions total
  • Resources, Strategies, Audio Recordings of Relaxations, Journal Worksheets

What to Expect:

Awareness – What’s triggering your stress? How does stress manifest itself in your body? Where is stress creating a negative ripple effect in your life? The first step of any change is building awareness. This work will help you increase your awareness of your personal stress warning signs. This awareness then allows you to shift from impulsively reacting to responding more purposefully.

Knowledge – You will gain a deep understanding of the impact that stress has on our bodies and our minds, and why this matters so much. In understanding the mind-body connection, you’ll be able to see how to shift this connection to work in your favour.

Resources – You’ll receive valuable tools to counterbalance your stress responses. These wide-ranging, evidence-based strategies are simple, practical tools that you will be able to implement in your daily life. They are designed to give you a concrete, results-oriented way to change how you feel in your life now and deepen your connections with others and with yourself.

Individualized Support – It’s all about you.  There’s nothing like having complete focus on supporting yourself. Together we design a plan to help you put established practices in place that change your relationship with stress, and help you move forward from a place of calm awareness. You can feel the way you want to feel and live life more intentionally.

The Investment: 


Ready to learn more?  Schedule a complimentary consultation over the phone. This allows you to see if we will be a good fit in our partnership, and ask any questions you might have. Click here to schedule your complimentary consultation.

My Personal No Risk Guarantee

If, at the end of our third session of working together, you have attended all scheduled sessions, have taken action on the steps you committed to, and you’re not completely satisfied, then I will give you a 100% refund. I know what it’s like to make an investment in yourself and I want you to know I am dedicated to your success. It’s important to me that you feel grounded in your decision to partner with me.

Have questions? I’m happy to answer them.