Peace in Your Workplace

You can build strength and compassion in your organization by taking time out to re-group and grow.

I work with organizations of all sizes that appreciate the connection between employee wellness and high performance. These innovative businesses believe in supporting their employees in building stress resiliency, improving employee morale and job satisfaction, and encouraging greater engagement in their daily interactions.

When you support employee wellness and re-frame workplace stress, you’ll see

  • A positive ripple effect throughout the company, and often beyond
  • Improved communication within your organization
  • Improved relationships with your colleagues, clients & customers

I offer a range of lunch-and-learn talks, small workshops, and customized training sessions.

Topics include:

  • The Mind-Body Connection: Relax and Be Well
  • The Art of Appreciation
  • Empathy and the Tone of Communication
  • Mindfulness: The Pathway to the Present
  • Breathing Basics

 I’d love to talk more about how we can collaborate to customize a program that meets your organization’s needs.