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Let Your Light Shine

Nothing can dim the light that shines from within.

-Maya Angelou

Have you ever marked an anniversary  in your life? And if you have, have you ever noticed that on the one hand it seems like just yesterday yet on the other hand it feels as if it was a lifetime ago?

One year ago today, this world lost a beautiful young woman named Victoria. Upon hearing the news, her friends and family gathered , and there was a sense of disbelief, of anger, and of such sadness. Yet even in those early moments, and the days that followed, there was love. So much love.

The following week, friends and family gathered to remember this beautiful being.  On the day of her funeral I looked around me,  and I saw people connecting with one another, supporting one another. I saw people  who showed great love in the face of great loss.

As her family took turns speaking during her eulogy, I was in awe.

For each one of them radiated such love and such light in spite of the darkness and showed an unbelievable grace in the midst of an unbearable grief.

Throughout this year, I have found myself guided by the words of Victoria’s family and friends. These words have served as guideposts as I navigated through my daily life. Touchstones to hold onto what is important in this world…

  • Hug those you love just a little tighter and for just a little bit longer. Do this each and every day. (I highly recommend you give it a try. For you know what? It feels pretty darn good when you do.)

  • In life, regardless of the darkness that may set in around you, don’t let that darkness dim your light. Let your light shine in spite of and through the darkness. And be sure to let it shine with love.

  • Always remember you are supported. Need a reminder? Feel the ground beneath your feet for it’s always there to hold you up.

  • Most of all, be kind and treat people well.

Today I will be lacing up my Converse in honor of Victoria. And as  I walk out into the world, I will remember to be grounded with love in the present moment, connected to those who are around me, and to extend kindness to those I meet.

I hope you will join me…


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