Change your Relationship with Stress:

Keynotes, Workshops and Group Trainings to Navigate Stress and Build Resiliency:

I love working with directors, staff and families who are ready and need to change their relationship with stress.

My work is about supporting people individuallyin small groups or in organizations to decrease the physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms of stress using research-based techniques delivered with kindness, warmth, and empathy. 

Does stress show up in your daily work?

There’s stress in our daily life and it’s here to stay. It takes a toll on our health and on our relationships personally and professionally. It affects the way we show up, what we can give, and even how we think about ourselves. Whether you’re overwhelmed by day-to-day demands or are facing a crisis – stress is all about how your body is reacting to what’s going on in your mind, and how your mind is reacting to what is going on in your body.

Stress shows up differently and affects everyone differently; we each have our own way of coping. But often times it’s pretty hard to effectively navigate stress when you’re in the midst of overload and simply trying to get through the day.

Managing your stress means getting out from under it, understanding your relationship with it, recognizing its effects on you, and having strategies in place that work for you.

Here’s what I hear clients saying:

Directors and Staff:

“My staff are beyond dedicated; they are fantastic. However, they are also on maximum overload- working long hours with limited resources. And while they are doing good work, they are stressed. It’s creating burn out and decreased morale. I want to help them build more coping skills. ”

“The demands on my colleagues and, if I am honest, on myself, are so great that it’s stifling. We love our work, love the clients, but the stress? It’s over the top between the paperwork and productivity along with the actual work of the job, it’s overwhelming.”

“While I am not sure that staff are even aware of just how much stress they are carrying, they are juggling both workplace stress and the stress from their own personal lives. There is a negative ripple effect; it’s impacting the agency culture and causing high turnover; this in turn leads to even more stress..”


“It’s so hard to keep it all together. Between my work, my kids, my day-to-day stuff and trying to stay connected to my spouse, there’s just no time for me.”

“I always saw myself as a healthy person but lately I have been plagued with stomach aches, migraines and my shoulders are in knots. I’m foggy all the time and I can’t concentrate. And the hardest part? I am snapping at my family. It’s like I’m falling apart.”

“I’m just so wiped out. Everyone talks about the importance of sleep but how do you get enough when you work and have young kids? I have a hard time shutting my brain off and toss and turn all night; or I fall asleep but wake up still feeling exhausted.”

Sound familiar?

You don’t need to settle for this “new normal”.  While this is how you feel, it’s not the life you choose. You know in your heart that this is not the way you want your life to unfold.

That’s where I come in.

Imagine what it would be like to have the encouragement and support to move in a different direction and create a new way of feeling.

At the core of what I do is an unwavering focus on the individuals and groups with whom I work, and helping them feel more like themselves again.

invite you to learn more about my work in partnering with program directors, guiding valued members of organizations, and supporting parents/caregivers to learn strategies to navigate stress and build resilience.

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