Redesign your relationship with stress

Let’s work together to decrease the negative impact of stress and help build resilience.

As a director within the human services field you are juggling competing priorities on a daily basis. Not only are you impacted by the stress inherent within your position, you are also tasked with navigating the stress of your staff and the clients you serve.

Directors often tell me that it feels as if stress has hijacked their work days.

What if you could redefine your relationship with stress?

I understand – you have stress.

From ongoing budgetary restrictions, to changing state, federal and agency guidelines, to productivity requirements, to mountains of paperwork, writing of reports and an overflowing inbox, to a rapidly growing client population with limited resources, to high staff turnover rates, to the crisis management that is often the nature of this work, there are a lot of moving parts to maneuver and manage.

Add to this that you are responsible for leading staff who are navigating their own constant overload while working with clients and the client stress, and well? It can feel a bit daunting.

Often times, the stress is so common in the profession that it becomes a way of life, something that is simply accepted as the being the “norm.”

Is this really the new normal?

It doesn’t have to be; chronic stress does not have to be a way of life. There is another way.

I work with Agency and Program Directors within the human service profession, who are looking for top-down solutions and strategies for managing stress in the workplace.

My program is about figuring out what works for you; becoming aware of your individual response to stress and then creating a customized plan to change your relationship with it.

Imagine being able to…

  • Gain an understanding of how stress impacts your life
  • Build awareness of individual stress triggers and reactions
  • Learn practical strategies to help navigate stress, cope with overload, and better manage daily challenges.
  • Model this process for staff in order to build a culture of resilience.

This program is delivered via a one-hour keynote, a two-hour workshop, or a six session training series.

Wondering what format would be best for your program? I’d love to schedule a complimentary consultation to investigate how I can help you and your organization.