Redesign your relationship with stress

Let’s work together to decrease the negative impact of stress and help build resilience.

Working in human services is extremely rewarding and challenging all at the same time. For while you are doing work of great meaning, often times you are also facing a great deal of challenges.

Staff often tell me that they are being stretched past capacity with personal and professional obligations, conflicting demands and a jam-packed schedule. Not only are you impacted by the stress inherent within your position, you are also tasked with navigating the stress and challenges of the clients and families with whom you work.

What if you could redefine your relationship with stress?

I understand – you have stress.

From the direct service work with clients facing insurmountable challenges of their own, to the mountains of paperwork to ever-changing state, federal and agency guidelines, to having increased expectations placed on you with diminished resources, to rising productivity requirements, to conflicting job roles, to higher staff turnover rates, there is a lot to manage.

Add to this that you are responsible for working directly with clients, who themselves are often dealing with ongoing challenges of physical and mental health diagnoses, trauma, and poverty while also navigating your own personal and professional stress, and well? It can feel a bit daunting.

Often times, the stress is so common in the profession that it becomes a way of life, something that is simply accepted as the being “the way it is.” It has simply become the new normal.

But is this really the new normal?­­­­

It doesn’t have to be; chronic stress does not have to be a way of life; there’s another way.

I work with employees ­­­within the human service profession, who are looking for practical solutions and strategies for managing stress in the workplace.

My program is about figuring out what works for you; becoming aware of your individual response to stress and then creating a customized plan to change your relationship with it.

Imagine being able to…

  • Gain an understanding of how stress impacts your life
  • Build awareness of individual stress triggers and reactions
  • Learn practical strategies to help navigate stress, cope with overload, and better manage daily challenges.
  • Model this process for your clients to help them build resilience.

This program is delivered via a one-hour keynote, a two-hour workshop, or a six session training series.

Have questions? I’d love to answer them; contact me to schedule a complimentary consultation to investigate how I can help you and your colleagues.