Feedback from Clients and Participants

The difference with Beth, is that as a parent of children with medical needs who received (early intervention) services, and as a former human services worker, she GETS IT.  But in addition, she is a compelling and charismatic speaker who is extremely knowledgeable about stress and its impact on the brain and the body.  Throughout her talks and training sessions she intersperses knowledge taken from research studies along with engaging anecdotes and examples from her professional experiences. Director, Early Intervention program

She (Beth) is skilled at explaining why it benefits you to make changes before showing you how to make those very changes. Her strategies and solutions are not only grounded in science, but they are also easy to understand and implement. I walked out of the first training and that night I used the breathing she taught us. Did I mention that she has a killer sense of humor? It’s what helps keep things interesting and moving along. And she cares. Parent of child in EI, clinical psychologist

I’ve heard so many talks on stress management but none like yours. I actually relaxed during the training and know I can easily duplicate this result again throughout my workday- and at home. Teacher, Head Start program

We have never had a response like this. Word spread and employees were coming out of the woodwork to hear you speak at the different sessions. You had a huge impact that day and beyond. We now start our meetings with the relaxation exercise. Director, Human Resources

By far the best training we have had! You are a gifted presenter who is able to be professional, relatable, interesting and relevant. Not to mention realistic! Clinical Supervisor, Early Intervention program

What is great is that from our staff, to our administrators, to our directors to the families we serve- everyone continues to talk about the impact that Beth’s tools have had on our lives. We all walked away with tools to cope with stress be it at work, at home, or both. There’s something here for everyone. We will have you back!  Director, Early Intervention program

There is a lot of talk about the secondary trauma our profession encounters. Working with such disenfranchised populations often leaves staff so burned out. Beth helped us to see how to show up in our professional capacity, filled with empathy and compassion, yet also able to protect ourselves from the stress of our work. That to me is the antidote to staff burn out and turnover rates- and it is the way we will all continue to do this work. And isn’t that what those of us in this profession want? I know I do. This training should be required for every program. Clinical supervisor, Head Start

You talked a lot about appreciation in your training sessions. Well know this, I appreciate you, Beth. As an RN with over 20 years of experience, I have taken a lot of courses. This was by far the best one I have ever experienced. I walked away with a solid foundation of what I can do each and every day to help me manage stress, and the remarkable part? I am doing it. After taking care of others for so long, I am now also caring for myself. Thank you!  Registered Nurse (RN) and parent of twins in Early Intervention

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