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Simply Begin Again

simply begin again, spring renewal

March represents new beginnings, for with this month comes the first day of spring, crocuses sprouting up from the ground, and robins returning to my back yard.

And even though it is snowing outside of my window at this moment, I know that eventually spring, and the subsequent sunshine, will arrive. It always does. The transition between seasons is always such a nice reminder of one the beautiful things about this life of ours: everything changes.

So why does it often feel that we are stuck in a rut? It’s simply our brains believing the thoughts we are thinking as if they are facts. I recently read a great article on using mindfulness practices to help get us into more productive thought patterns. As the author says, “Thoughts are not facts, they can always be changed. The same holds true for attitudes and behaviors.” Wise words, right?

One of the best ways to get out of our heads is to simply focus on our breathing.  This can be done in under ten minutes. Science has shown the many benefits of slow, focused breathing from decreasing anxiety, helping insomnia and boosting our immune system.
Want to give it a try? I love this brief meditation by Joseph Goldstein. His phrase, “simply begin again” is one I find myself repeating daily.

Together we can transform your organization’s relationship with stress.

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