I love working with people who are ready to change their relationship with stress.

My work is about supporting people  individually, in small groups or in organizations to decrease the physical, emotional, and behavioral symptoms of stress using research-based techniques delivered with kindness, warmth, and empathy. 

We’re all being stretched past capacity with conflicting demands and a jam-packed schedule. This is the new normal. And this new normal is having a negative ripple effect in our personal and professional lives, our relationships with others, and most importantly our relationship with ourselves.

Here’s what I hear clients saying:

“I’m so stressed out that I lose my patience and lash out. Then I feel so guilty about it that I lay awake at night filled with regret. I promise myself it will be different in the morning but it never is.”

“I always saw myself as a healthy person but lately I have been plagued with stomach aches, migraines and my shoulders are in knots. I’m foggy all the time and I can’t concentrate. It’s like I’m falling apart.”

“I just don’t feel like myself. I’m irritable and angry one minute, then I can cry at the drop of a hat.”

“It’s so hard to keep it all together. Between my work, my kids, my day to day stuff and trying to stay connected to my spouse, there’s just no time for me.”

“I’m just so wiped out. Everyone talks about the importance of sleep but how do you get enough? I have a hard time shutting my brain off and toss and turn all night; or I fall asleep but wake up still feeling exhausted.”

Sound familiar?

You don’t need to settle for this “new normal”.  While this is how you feel, it’s not the life you choose. You know in your heart that this is not the way you want your life to unfold.

That’s where I come in.

Imagine what it would be like to have the encouragement and support to move in a different direction and create a new way of feeling. At the core of what I do is an unwavering focus on you and helping you feel more like yourself again.

I invite you to learn more about how I support individuals and guide the valued members of your organization to change their relationship with stress and create a life of calm.